A magic Trick: Mnemonics – Chunking

Mnemonics – Chunking

What is Mnemonics – Chunking?

This memory tip is considered a mnemonic which is a learning technique that helps memory.

This tip is for remembering numbers: It is called Chunking.

How Does Mnemonics – Chunking work?

Let’s see how does Mnemonics – Chunking actually works. The short term memory can memorize on average 7 items at once + or – 2. So the way chunking works, take a phone number for example if you to remember a phone number it would be difficult to remember it like this 5 8 1 9 8 2 3 4 5 8 because you would be thinking of each number as an individual item, in which you would be remembering 10 different items which is for pretty much all people more than capacity.

So, why not memorize the phone number like this and hence why phone numbers are formatted this way. 581 – 982 – 3458, see only 3 items that are not so hard guys is it. This should help you fellas out there to memorize those girls’ telephone numbers. Now that’s talent.