Is It Divisible by 4?

So, I got a quick  math trick to help you guys figure out if any number is divisible by 4 with 0 remainder

This is how you do it, lets take 5436, to figure out if this number is divisble by 4 do this:

Step 1 : Is it an even number? Yes

Step 2 : Take the Last number of 5436 which 6 and add it to two times the second last number which is 3. So, 6 + (3*2) = 12

Step 3: Will 4 go into 12, if you are good with multiplication tables, you would know yes it does and it will go into 12, three times with zero remainder

Therefore 4 will divide evenly into 5426, pretty cool I think so,

Hint: If you ever wanted to figure out if say 2054 is a leap year this is where the divisibile by 4 speed trick would come in handy.

Until Tommorow take care for now and please comment if you like the math trick or tell me what other things you would like to learn.