the dark side of Disney Walt Disney Dark Side

Do you want to know the real truth and the dark side of Walt Disney? Almost 96 years ago, the first Walt Disney Studios was founded in Los Angeles. Today it’s one of the biggest companies in the world with an enormous fan base. However, who was the great Walt Disney, the man behind Mickey Mouse?! Some hold a special place in their heart for Walt, while others thought he was a complete nightmare. However, which one was closer to the truth? We will go in the deep and discovered the real truth and the Dark Side of Walt Disney..!

Walt Disney’s Childhood

He was born in Chicago in 1901, though he grew up mainly in Kansas, Missouri. His childhood was extremely tough with a rigorous father, who some state, was abusive! The truth is that if we look closely, the same can be said about most of his films. The only film that depicts both parents of a child is Peter Pan.

Walt Disney’s Early Beginnings

At the age of 20, he was a very successful designer at promotional companies & a great animator. He even worked at both jobs simultaneously. Getting more and more recognition about his work, he created his Animation Studio called “Laugh-O-Grams.” Needless to say that his company went bankrupt and all his employees lost their jobs. It might be the result of the dark side of the Disney family business.

Walt Disney’s Relationship with his Employees

Walt Disney NEVER had a good relationship with his employees. That was mainly the case because of low wages. Also, he was known to fire employees who spoke their mind or showed any kind of unwanted initiative. Most of those fired employees went on to establish their firm called UPA!

Furthermore, he was a known racist, and as the time of 20’ & 30’ had it, a vivid supporter of discrimination against women. For instance, Walt Disney was the one who sent the infamous letter to a woman who was applying for a job, stating:

Creative working in regards to cartoons depicted on the screen is NOT for women, but only for young men!

In addition to the above, Disney had another major quirk.  He demanded that all his employees had a “cleanlook! Meaning NO mustache or beard was allowed. As we all know, Walt HAD a mustache! The same was prohibited in Disneyland till 2000. The dark side of Disney is still to discover.

Questionable legislative issues

Time to get political. Walt Disney was intensely associated with hostile to socialist perspectives in America. He bolstered organizations and activities with questionable strategies and even outed his own illustrators as possible socialists

Walt Disney Killed his Mother.

Another the dark side of Walt Disney. By mistake, of course. Since Walt had made a small fortune at the time, he bought his parents a huge house. One day when the oven was damaged, he sent some of his employees to fix it. Given that they were animators, they had NO idea what they were doing. In the end, Disney’s employees caused a gas leak that ended up taking the poor woman’s life.

Walt Disney’s Family Issues

The dark side of Disney family business:

Disney Studios was a family business between Walt and his brother Roy. Walt was, of course, responsible for the creative part, while Roy was the brains of the industry! Roy was always trying to save the company because of Walt’s big-spending ideas or spreading division between its employees. He used to divide their employees by gender and NEVER negotiated salary issues. All these issues caused friction between him and his brother.


Besides being known in almost every little corner of the Earth, very few people the truth and the Dark Side of Walt Disney. An Angel for those who did NOT know him and a Devil for those who did